Kim Hofmann

Senior Dietician

Hi, my name is Kim Hofmann and I am a Registered Dietician with a psychology background. I studied nutrition and dietetics at UCT and did my psychology honours through UNISA. Since 2005 I have been on a mission of helping people eat and live healthy. My interest has become more focused on emotional eating and teaching people to get out of a diet mentality. I particularly love working with people who want to lose weight, but can’t seem to keep it off because they are stuck in a diet mentality and their feelings around food have become disordered. To be well balanced we need to look at nutrition, exercise, stress (or quietness), as well as our emotions and thoughts. Finding the reasons behind why the binging and other unhealthy habits are around and how to change them is the key. I now have a successful private practice in Claremont. I see clients one-on-one or virtually via Zoom. I work with a wide range of people, from those seeking to lose weight to those with special medical needs.

Ane Smith

Junior Dietician

Hi, I’m Ané Smith and I am a registered dietitian and a lactation consultant in training. I graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with an honours degree in Dietetics and went on to complete my community service in rural Northern Cape, where I saw the most impoverished areas and learned a lot about people and different communities. I have always been passionate about helping others wherever I can, and I am excited with the opportunity to work with Kim. I can now start to help people work on getting their nutrition right! Food plays a very important role in our physical well-being as well as our mental well-being. This is why it is so vital to have the best nutrition possible within your lifestyle. And once you get your nutrition right, you will feel amazing. I have a special interest in paediatrics, gut health, chronic diseases and leading a balanced lifestyle, and I love helping people achieve their health goals.

Nicky Nimtz

Office manager

Hi I am Nicky, Kim's Nutrition's in house Office Manager. I have a deep passion for helping others and making their lives easier. Its so important to me that people have the opportunity to put their time and energy into doing what they do best and helping them do that gives me a great sense of pride. Organizing chaos is my specialty, there's no problem too big or too small and every obstacle is just an opportunity to learn! In my free time you'll find me walking or hiking on Cape Town's beautiful trails, exploring our incredible restaurants and wine farms or cooking a meal for my loved ones. If you ever need anything at Kim's Nutrition- I'm your girl!