Group Sessions

I have formulated an 8 Week Group Weight Loss Program for those who enjoy working in a group.  Weight loss is much easier when shared with others.  You learn together, support each other, new ideas are created and you learn to change your habits through different approaches.

The 8 Week Group Weight Loss Program is designed to help you learn simple, practical steps to manage long-term health and weight loss.

Did you know? 

Psychological research has found that a group approach helps with weight loss.  It is easier to stick to a plan when you have support and can share tips on diet and exercise.  

In one study researchers looked at the effectiveness of a group program versus a self-help program (In the self-help program the clients had two brief sessions with a dietician plus printed material).  The researchers found that the group members lost more than three times the amount of weight as the self-help group during the first year.

The 8 Week Group Weight Loss Program encompasses a small group (up to 10 persons), continues for 8 weeks, and is led by one of our dieticians.  This allows for individualised attention as well as support from the other members of the group.      

What will you learn in the 8 Week Group Weight Loss Program?

  • To set realistic, genuine (not superficial) goals
  • To restructure your daily eating plan to become healthier and move towards your goals
  • To become more conscious and mindful of your eating
  • To change your unhealthy habits into healthy ones
  • We’ll also be educating you on subjects such as label reading and eating out
  • Share delicious food and meal ideas that your group participants enjoy

I run four 8 Week Group Weight Loss Programs per year (during the school terms).

This options is currently not available due to COVID-19 lockdown regulations.