Corporate Wellness Days

Health, happiness and productivity at the workplace are important to promote to your employees, for the benefit of your company.  A comprehensive wellness program has been shown to result in better health outcomes for your employees.  

The health outcomes that you can expect include:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss (and obesity prevention)
  • Diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol management
  • Improved personal health, sleep and hygiene
  • Better stress management

What you can expect from the business outcome includes:

  • Lower absenteeism
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Better work productivity
  • Higher employee retention
  • Lower health care costs

We provide many of these wellness services.  Services include:

Healthy Cooking Demos

Pick a topic of your choice and we will select quick, easy and delicious recipes to cook for your employees.  The employees will receive tasters, copies of the recipes, as well as valuable information on the presented topic

Popular demos that I have presented:

  • Smoothie demo
  • Salad demo
  • Healthy dinner demo
  • Healthy lunch box demo

Healthy Eating Display 

This is a popular option for a wellness day.  Employees view the display table, get educated on healthy choices and behaviours around eating (at home and at the workplace) and get to have their nutrition related questions answered.  This option can also include:

  • Simple individualised eating plans
  • Simple smoothie demos
  • Healthy lunch box or entertaining demos

Weight Loss Packages and Competitions 

We run an 8 Week Group Weight Loss Program that works well in the corporate setting.  This can be run as an individual challenge or as a group challenge (for example have 10 teams of 6 employees and the group that loses the most gets a prize)

The competition can be also be run on a one-on-one basis.  Here each employee has an initial consultation with one of our dieticians for an individualised eating plan, and thereafter has weekly or bi-weekly follow ups for advice, motivation and measurements


Canteen and Vending Machines – Ideas and Menus for Healthier Options

One of the most successful ways to create workplaces that encourage healthy eating behaviours is having a healthy canteen and vending machine foods.  There should be plenty of healthy food options, which are affordable, clearly labelled, tastefully prepared and situated at eye level at the counter.  The healthy food should also be priced lower than the less healthy items.  Similarly, foods served at meetings should also be healthy and interesting.  We will assist you to make these positive changes.

Monthly Newsletters

Monthly newsletters featuring wellness information (interesting articles or snippets, success stories, healthy recipes) is a fantastic way to keep employees motivated to continue healthy eating/exercise behaviours.  We will supply articles, recipes etc. for your newsletters.

If you are interested in any of these services please contact me for more information, prices and availability.