‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ is a weight loss solution for the emotional eater. It's time to take control and beat emotional eating, constant dieting and weight cycling (to name a few). Stop allowing excuses to ruin your self esteem and psychological well being. You can lose weight while still eating the foods you love! You just need to learn how. This course brings you a practical approach to your emotional eating. In the 12 sessions you will be taught different strategies that will help you learn how to manage times where you would normally go to food. The course addresses everyday challenges you face and teaches you how to overcome these challenges and remain above them. The tools you will obtain on this course will last you a lifetime. The course entails group sessions as well as 3 one-on-one sessions with me (the coach). Working together as a group will bring you the support to create healthier habits and keep you moving forward. The one-on-one sessions will help to individualise the journey and get you working towards your goals. Every participant that took part in this course when it was launched, saw results in one form or another, and are seeing ongoing results through the weeks and months post-course. Mrs P said: "Breaking the fad diet got my mind right! I loved the discussions about the brain and our minds and how that affected what we ate or wanted to eat. It made so much sense to me that I am now beginning to go easier on myself and actually losing some weight. Kim is focussed, extremely qualified, funny and helpful. I urge others to sign up now!" This course is presented via Thinkific. For more information go to: https://kimsnutrition.thinkific.com/courses/breaking-the-fad-dieting-habit

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