What does a 1500kcal Diet look like?

10 Dec

Do you love food, but also want to lose weight?  You CAN eat delicious, satisfying food AND lose weight.  Your meals do not need to be boring and you certainly can eat a decent amount of food.  Most people will lose weight on a 1500kcal diet.  Do you know how much food that is? Let’s take a look at a simple sample meal plan:



175ml plain, unsweetened low fat yoghurt

½ cup mixed berries,

¼ cup low-fat muesli

1 tbsp. sliced almonds




1 fruit

15 cashews/almonds




2 cups chopped raw veggies,

1 cup chickpeas and corn

30g feta

½ avocado

2 tbsp. low-fat/reduced-fat dressing



1 cup carrots

¼ cup hummus



100g fish, chicken or lean meat

1 cup starchy veg

2 cups ‘free’ veg (mainly the green ones)/ salad


100ml plain/fruit low fat yoghurt

If you keep it simple, it can be really easy to do!  So here’s to happy, healthy, delicious eating, with the added benefit of weight loss!

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