30 Jul

Hi there, my name is Kim Hofmann. I am your Diechologist

Let me help you by guiding your eating behaviours while teaching you ways to work on the psychological challenges of food. Support on the journey is vital if you want to make a success of it. Changing habits takes time and we need to stick to it through thick and thin, knowing that there will be slips along the way. And support along the way will take you so much further. 

I work out an eating plan for you that works with your physiology, thereby improving the functioning of your body. With the body functioning better you start moving to your goals. And as you move towards that goal, you will encounter many unavoidable obstacles that you need to learn to overcome if you 1) want to reach that goal and 2) want to stay at that healthy place forever. Learn to keep at healthier habits because you feel better if you do. 

I take out the emotion of food. I enable you to see that food is not as complicated as it has been made out to be. When you eat with your physiology everything works better. You handle your day better and you have less food cravings at the end of the day. And if there is emotional eating, you are in a better space to work on controlling it. When your body is hungry it compounds the emotional eating. 

The journey to eating well consistently takes time. Learn to see that even though your eating may not be perfect, it can still move you towards health if you make small changes along the way. Small changes will bring you further in the long run than extreme changes that don't fit into your life. It may not show extreme weight loss, but it shows in how you are feeling. And ultimately that is much more important in the bigger scheme of things. 

I would love to guide you on the journey to your best you. 

*Disclaimer - diechologist (pronounced die-a-chologist) is a term coined by one of my clients - I have gotten permission to use it. I am a registered dietician with an honours degree in Psychology.

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